From what I am told, we are having an especially snowy winter this year in South Dakota and Western Iowa. The first snows from early November are still on the ground. Since then, each snow flurry has piled up on it, giving us some pretty high berms! There are several evergreen trees and some shrubs which show through the whitery, but the ornamental grasses look stunning and really give life to an otherwise white and gray landscape. Check out this blog entry:  here. In her photography, the author does an incredible job illustrating how perennials and ornamental grasses can make a landscape in the winter look alive.   My favorite: “Karl Foerster” feather reed grass.


In case you hadn’t heard, Millennium Waters, the Olympic Athlete’s Village in Vancouver was recently named the greenest neighborhood in the world.  It received LEED Platinum Certification, boasting features such as super energy efficient residential units, recycled rainwater to flush toilets, and a very close proximity to the city center.   Click  here to view the Millennium Waters exciting website and see what you think.

Welcome to my first entry!   My goal in writing this blog is to provide you with useful information from the ever-evolving world of landscape architecture. 

First, let me provide a little background.  I am a licensed Landscape Architect and LEED professional, experienced in both residential and commercial projects.  Recently, I relocated to the Midwest from California and embarked on the journey of opening my own company.

My goal is to write about a wide variety of topics.  I want to feature my favorite plants and elaborate on current issues in the world of landscape architecture.  Also, I plan to include reviews of local projects as well as designs I might encounter while traveling.  Finally, I hope this will be a great outlet to share my experience in opening a landscape architecture business. 

You can look for updates to this blog about once a week.  I hope you will find it informative and inspiring! 


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